Rolleston Club Rolleston on Dove


We have lots of events going on during the week:

Mondays: Pilates 11.15-12.15/U3A Singing 2pm/Line dancing 7pm

Tuesdays: Pre School / Jazz Club 2pm / Fitsteps FAB 5.30pm / Fitsteps Classic 6.30pm

Wednesdays: Dru Yoga 2pm  /Pilates 7.30-8.30/Quiz (starts at 9.15pm) with "gallon of ale" first prize.  Play Your Cards Right raffle. The quiz is run by volunteers and we are always looking for budding quiz writers to join our crew.

Thursdays:  Whist 7pm

Fridays: Pre School  /  Bingo 8.30pm


 Steph's FitSteps every Tuesday evening 5.30pm and 6.30 pm