Rolleston Club Rolleston on Dove


Rolleston Village Gala

Monday 27th August 2018

Entry registration 7.30am to 9.30am

Staging 7.30am to 10am

Judging 10am to 1pm

Official Opening at 1pm

Stalls and entertainments 12pm to 5pm


The Village Gala exhibits can be found in Rolleston Club and on the Croft.  There is also an exhibition in St Mary's Church. 


 Maximum two entries per person in any one class

 Vegetables - Culinery /  Children's Horticulture  / Vegetables - large  / Fruit

Horticultural Hints for Exhibitors


Pot Plants / Flowers / Floral Art / Limerick


 Children's / Craft / Photography / Drawing & Painting


 Cookery / Preserves / Eggs / Homemade Wine (only one entry per class)

 Recipe for Date and Walnut Tea Leaf / Cookery general tips / Schedule Specific


 Entry Form.  Please print off, complete and bring into Rolleston between 7.30 and 9.30am Monday, 28th August 2017


Proceeds from the Rolleston Village Gala Day are shared between Rolleston Club and Rolleston Almshouse Charity